Apple cinnamon bath bombs in my shop 

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

This smells so good! Turns the water a peach color and won’t stain your tub! 


New items in my shop!!

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Yes, as a huge fan of popcorn, I had to make buttered popcorn soap! 

I have also listed a chevron knitted hat. I plan to add more of my knitted and crocheted items in my shop later this month. 

Hoping everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!


I am going to be a grandmother! 

I have been bursting with happiness for the past three weeks! My middle daughter is pregnant with her first child, my first grandbaby! We are so excited! She had her first appointment and ultrasound last week and everything looks good! So now I am allowed to shout it from the rooftop!

The only baby things I have ever made were a pair of socks, a hat and blanket. 

These were made last year.

Of course, after I was told the good news, I began searching for baby items to make! Here is my first crocheted baby sweater.

I  followed a YouTube video and used left over yarns.  (Red heart and Sweet Roll) It was meant to be a practice run, but turned out very nice and was so simple to make.

I then bought Top This by DMC yarn. I normally like to loom knit hats, but I got out of my comfort zone and tried knitting on circular needles. I am now obessed with them!

I have made three other baby hats, but decided to wait on making other projects until we learn if the baby is a girl or boy. (Ten more weeks) 

My Etsy shop is back open! I decided to keep it simple this time and not go overboard like I usually do! I plan to sell soaps only this time. I may sell my crocheted and knitted items, I haven’t decided yet. I still make bath bombs, but by family and friend requests only. 

Happy Monday!


A little spring cleaning

I love my craft room, but I didn’t like the dull beige walls. This spring, I decided to paint the walls and do a little cleaning. 

I picked a bright color because it puts me in an instant good mood and makes my craft room a happier place, if that’s possible! After painting the walls and base boards, I realized that I want to spruce up the rest of the house this season. 

Our house is only nine years old was in great condition when we moved in two years ago. It is still in very good condition,  but a few minor things need touching up. The walls, for one! I also need the carpets cleaned (Will save that for after the painting!). A new faucet for the kitchen and yes, a few more wall decors. 

I would also like to keep up the yard work as well as the former owner had. I do not have a green thumb at all. Yesterday, I bought mulch! That much I can do! As for flowers, I have no idea what to buy! Thankfully, I have a daughter good at gardening!

I closed my Etsy shop for now. The fees are crazy and I am doing better selling by request. That is, I make what people ask me to make , so I don’t have a million bars of soap just hanging around! I am still making my bath bombs too! I made honeysuckle for my spring fever.

Enjoy your weekend!


Bath bomb success! I think?!

I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect bath bomb recipe. I bought Make It Fizz and love the recipes! I then wanted to add polysorbate 80, so the colors and oils won’t stick to the tub. After failed attempts this week, I think I have my new recipe. 

My love spell fizzies turned out great! No ring around the tub! The color was supposed to be red, but I suppose I did not add enough mica. Next time!

I tried another recipe and it was also successful!

The picture above is Violet fizzies. Once again, the color is not as bright as I want it, but through trial and error, lots of error, I will get there! 

Solid sugar scrubs were also fun to make. These are cotton candy. I sent off my first sample today, with a cotton candy soap order. 

Have a fun filled weekend! I will be cleaning up the huge mess in my craft room! 


New Soap!

So I am a little rusty on soap making! It showed on my pomegranate soap two weeks ago! I won’t even post a picture of it! I made another loaf last week, not bad and then cut this yesterday. 

My new soap is scented with white citrus. The top cracked just a bit, but still much nicer than the last two attempts! I made white tea and ginger soap yesterday and so far it looks good. (Memo to self, never take a two month break from soapmaking!)

I played with bath bombs yesterday. I strayed from my trusty recipe and tried a new one. It started to react when I added the wet ingredients and I had to save it by adding more dry ingredients. It caused the mixture to dry faster and I had enough time to cut out stars and then roll the rest into bath “rocks!”

It was fun and the bath bombs still did well when I tested a couple. (Memo to self: stick with the best recipe!)

I love being creative and messy and having fun with the bath products I make. A lot of failures and some successes, but a whole lot of learning and loving the process. 

I am planning to add bath bombs in my Etsy shop next month and bubble bars in March. Check out my soaps, stop by 

Off to a good start!

This is my first completed project of 2017! A chevron knitted beanie. I made this for myself and last night I completed one for my daughter. 

I never make New Years resolutions, but this year, I did! I decided to complete a project before I move onto another! Sounds easy, right?! We will see! 

Last month really sucked. For starters, when I tried to contact the person who ordered 40 bars of cotton candy soap, to tell them it was ready to be shipped, I got no reply for two weeks. I got an answer after a second try and she told me she would “pass” this time and order from me again. Really? After I wasted time and money on this order. Three weeks later, she asked me if I would make her 60 bars of Valentines soap. I told her no. (Two lessons learned. 1. Prepay for wholesale orders. 2. I don’t like doing wholesale orders!)

I was told last month that I needed a biopsy on my left breast. Because of the holidays, I wasn’t able to get my biopsy until January 4th. That gave me 3-4 weeks of worry, anxiety and wondering what if.

Long story short, I am OK. No cancer. It was a real eye opener for me though. Are my affairs in order? Am I ready to battle cancer, if need be? My answers were yes.  I also became very aware of the things that were going on around me. Being completely in the moment brought me peace and happiness. I hope to continue this feeling throughout the new year instead of sleep walking through my life. 

My only worry now is that a camera in the waiting room recorded me doing karate kicks before being told the results! (I don’t know karate, so use your imagination!)