Hi! I am Melissa Plumley and I am 47 years old. I am married with three adult daughters and three small dogs! Originally from Kentucky, I moved to West Virginia in 2008. I am now living in Huntington, WV.

I love anything crafty, handmade, homemade, you name it! Handmade gifts are the best! Being a soap maker, I love to come up with design ideas just by taking notice of my surroundings. The colors, scents make me imagine what kind of creation I can come up with!

Fashion is another love of mine. It has been since high school, when I used to keep records of what I wore because I heard Princess Diana did! My fashion sense ended when I went into the Army. My clothes were simple and my makeup was a natural look. Today, being nearly 50, I decided I am going to wear what I love. I am no Gwen Stefani, but I love her quote, “I hate rules when it comes to fashion.” Of course there are timeless pieces that I think every woman should have, but who knows, maybe when I get to that on my 100 list, I may change my mind! I am going to have fun with that list!

I hope you have fun reading my blog as much as I have fun writing it. Feel free to comment, only if you are kind, and I would love to hear how you save money, make homemade things or any tips or ideas on soap making. If you have anything fashion related, share that too!

Now, lets talk about kindness on here. I blog on my smart phone, so yes, I make mistakes. I will allow no grammar police on here or correcting spelling mistakes. You get what I am saying! I am not on here to win an award or anything, I am here to have fun!

So let’s do this!





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