New items in my shop!!

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Yes, as a huge fan of popcorn, I had to make buttered popcorn soap! 

I have also listed a chevron knitted hat. I plan to add more of my knitted and crocheted items in my shop later this month. 

Hoping everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!



New Soap!

So I am a little rusty on soap making! It showed on my pomegranate soap two weeks ago! I won’t even post a picture of it! I made another loaf last week, not bad and then cut this yesterday. 

My new soap is scented with white citrus. The top cracked just a bit, but still much nicer than the last two attempts! I made white tea and ginger soap yesterday and so far it looks good. (Memo to self, never take a two month break from soapmaking!)

I played with bath bombs yesterday. I strayed from my trusty recipe and tried a new one. It started to react when I added the wet ingredients and I had to save it by adding more dry ingredients. It caused the mixture to dry faster and I had enough time to cut out stars and then roll the rest into bath “rocks!”

It was fun and the bath bombs still did well when I tested a couple. (Memo to self: stick with the best recipe!)

I love being creative and messy and having fun with the bath products I make. A lot of failures and some successes, but a whole lot of learning and loving the process. 

I am planning to add bath bombs in my Etsy shop next month and bubble bars in March. Check out my soaps, stop by 

Tangerine Madness

Did I tell you that I love making soap?! I call the soap above Tangerine Madness! I have a plain bar in my shop and this big bar, which can be cut in two pieces. I was having fun playing with piping and really loved how the top turned out.

Last night I made bubble bars and tonight I have to make 30 bath bombs for my daughters portfolio show! I am very excited for her! She graduates from art school at the end of the month. 

Above are my Honeysuckle and plain Tangerine soaps. Stop by my Etsy shop for a browse! 

Halloween Soaps

I made Halloween Soaps the other day! The fragrance is Pumpkin spice. It smells incredible! 

What I really love is watching it change colors! Which makes it a but creepier! 

My embeds are made with melt and pour soap and the cupcake and icing are cold process soap. These creepy soaps will be in my Etsy shop next month. 

Happy suds!


Bath Bombs

Not only do I make soap, I also make bath bombs, scrubs, solid lotion bars, bubble bars, whipped lotions, soaking salts and chap stick! I am obsessed! 

The gift bag above was taken to a community Bingo night. (I wonder if they are tired of my bath products! ) I put my products in colorful bags to grab people’s attention! Seems to work! 

This year for holiday gifts, I plan to do gifts baskets. I also plan to add them to my Etsy shop as well. 

I have several fragrances to make bath bombs, with more coming in this week! 

If you haven’t stopped by my shop, look for Little Miss Suds. If you have any suggestions for ideas and fragrances,  please leave a comment! 


Little Miss Suds

I love making soap! Melt and pour and cold process soap! I was inspired by my cousin’s beautiful handmade soaps. I hated commercial soaps and it would dry out my skin or break me out. I decided to try my hand at it. 

A year later, I have an Etsy shop! I just opened a few months ago. Sharing my soaps makes me happy and I hope you stop by to take a glance at my items! I have a 50% off sale on select soaps.