A little spring cleaning

I love my craft room, but I didn’t like the dull beige walls. This spring, I decided to paint the walls and do a little cleaning. 

I picked a bright color because it puts me in an instant good mood and makes my craft room a happier place, if that’s possible! After painting the walls and base boards, I realized that I want to spruce up the rest of the house this season. 

Our house is only nine years old was in great condition when we moved in two years ago. It is still in very good condition,  but a few minor things need touching up. The walls, for one! I also need the carpets cleaned (Will save that for after the painting!). A new faucet for the kitchen and yes, a few more wall decors. 

I would also like to keep up the yard work as well as the former owner had. I do not have a green thumb at all. Yesterday, I bought mulch! That much I can do! As for flowers, I have no idea what to buy! Thankfully, I have a daughter good at gardening!

I closed my Etsy shop for now. The fees are crazy and I am doing better selling by request. That is, I make what people ask me to make , so I don’t have a million bars of soap just hanging around! I am still making my bath bombs too! I made honeysuckle for my spring fever.

Enjoy your weekend!



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