Bath bomb success! I think?!

I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect bath bomb recipe. I bought Make It Fizz and love the recipes! I then wanted to add polysorbate 80, so the colors and oils won’t stick to the tub. After failed attempts this week, I think I have my new recipe. 

My love spell fizzies turned out great! No ring around the tub! The color was supposed to be red, but I suppose I did not add enough mica. Next time!

I tried another recipe and it was also successful!

The picture above is Violet fizzies. Once again, the color is not as bright as I want it, but through trial and error, lots of error, I will get there! 

Solid sugar scrubs were also fun to make. These are cotton candy. I sent off my first sample today, with a cotton candy soap order. 

Have a fun filled weekend! I will be cleaning up the huge mess in my craft room! 



New Soap!

So I am a little rusty on soap making! It showed on my pomegranate soap two weeks ago! I won’t even post a picture of it! I made another loaf last week, not bad and then cut this yesterday. 

My new soap is scented with white citrus. The top cracked just a bit, but still much nicer than the last two attempts! I made white tea and ginger soap yesterday and so far it looks good. (Memo to self, never take a two month break from soapmaking!)

I played with bath bombs yesterday. I strayed from my trusty recipe and tried a new one. It started to react when I added the wet ingredients and I had to save it by adding more dry ingredients. It caused the mixture to dry faster and I had enough time to cut out stars and then roll the rest into bath “rocks!”

It was fun and the bath bombs still did well when I tested a couple. (Memo to self: stick with the best recipe!)

I love being creative and messy and having fun with the bath products I make. A lot of failures and some successes, but a whole lot of learning and loving the process. 

I am planning to add bath bombs in my Etsy shop next month and bubble bars in March. Check out my soaps, stop by 

Off to a good start!

This is my first completed project of 2017! A chevron knitted beanie. I made this for myself and last night I completed one for my daughter. 

I never make New Years resolutions, but this year, I did! I decided to complete a project before I move onto another! Sounds easy, right?! We will see! 

Last month really sucked. For starters, when I tried to contact the person who ordered 40 bars of cotton candy soap, to tell them it was ready to be shipped, I got no reply for two weeks. I got an answer after a second try and she told me she would “pass” this time and order from me again. Really? After I wasted time and money on this order. Three weeks later, she asked me if I would make her 60 bars of Valentines soap. I told her no. (Two lessons learned. 1. Prepay for wholesale orders. 2. I don’t like doing wholesale orders!)

I was told last month that I needed a biopsy on my left breast. Because of the holidays, I wasn’t able to get my biopsy until January 4th. That gave me 3-4 weeks of worry, anxiety and wondering what if.

Long story short, I am OK. No cancer. It was a real eye opener for me though. Are my affairs in order? Am I ready to battle cancer, if need be? My answers were yes.  I also became very aware of the things that were going on around me. Being completely in the moment brought me peace and happiness. I hope to continue this feeling throughout the new year instead of sleep walking through my life. 

My only worry now is that a camera in the waiting room recorded me doing karate kicks before being told the results! (I don’t know karate, so use your imagination!)