Soap bags and more

While my daughter has this week off from work,  we have been doing our favorite things, crafts! This is what I have been working on this week! 

Above is a hanging wash cloth. I have given it a test run and like it as much as the waffle stitch cloth. Again,  because of the cotton in it,  it will shrink some if thrown in the dryer. I like to hang mine up or lay flat to dry.

This is a soap bag. You put your scraps of soap in it,  pull the cord. It is a great gift for people who do not like to waste anything! (Myself included! )

This is yesterdays soap. Pumpkin and brown sugar! I can’t wait to cut it! 

And last but not least,  another waffle stitch wash cloth on my loom! 

Today,  I will be making more soap bags and Gingersnap soap. 

If you like boring pics of soaps and crafts, I am on Instagram and Snapchat. Melissajplum! 

Happy Thursday! Melissa


Bubble bath anyone? 

Yesterday, I made these cute Sleepy time bubble bars! Took my time and really cared about how they looked because I had planned to put them in my Etsy shop. This morning I woke up to this! 

Back to the drawing board! The fragrance oil changed my color! No problem, I can fix it with my next batch! Keeping notes is very important when creating. I can see what went wrong and tweak it the next time. And if the next batch is bad,  I can tweak that too! 

My youngest daughter graduated art school on Friday. I loved her portfolio show! I made forty bath bombs for her to hand out and got back a positive review already! It really makes my day when someone likes what I have made out of love! I love what I do! And if one person loves it,  then it was well worth it! 


Face Scrubbies 

So this is what I have been working on in my spare time. Face Scrubbies! These little cotton rounds help take off makeup and exfoliates. I like to use a little of my scrubs on them to help it exfoliate my skin better. After using, hand or machine wash and tumble dry on low. (I like to hang them up or lie flat to dry) I will have them in my Etsy shop later this week.

Colors available are pink, lily, orange, holiday and blue! (Blue not shown, yet!)

I am working on a spiritual scrubbie and hope to add them to my shop in two weeks! (If my tester loves it!) 

Have a happy Tuesday! 


Tangerine Madness

Did I tell you that I love making soap?! I call the soap above Tangerine Madness! I have a plain bar in my shop and this big bar, which can be cut in two pieces. I was having fun playing with piping and really loved how the top turned out.

Last night I made bubble bars and tonight I have to make 30 bath bombs for my daughters portfolio show! I am very excited for her! She graduates from art school at the end of the month. 

Above are my Honeysuckle and plain Tangerine soaps. Stop by my Etsy shop for a browse! 

Halloween Soaps

I made Halloween Soaps the other day! The fragrance is Pumpkin spice. It smells incredible! 

What I really love is watching it change colors! Which makes it a but creepier! 

My embeds are made with melt and pour soap and the cupcake and icing are cold process soap. These creepy soaps will be in my Etsy shop next month. 

Happy suds!


So many crafts, so little time 

I love to loom knit! It is relaxing, gentle on my hands and wrists and is fun to do!! The problem is, with all crafts and hobbies, there are too many projects and not enough time!  Haha!

There is a deep thrill about taking yarns, fabrics and other items and turning them into something beautiful and useful. 

Above are photos of what I made yesterday. It was my first loom knit wash cloth. (I will be adding them to my Etsy shop next month.) I really had fun making this! So much fun that I decided to make some for Holiday gifts this year. (These will be perfect in my gift baskets! )

Are you into knitting or crochet? Do you have any patterns or ideas you’d like to share? If so, please leave a comment!